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Web Layout

Web Layout

In the early stages of Internet, information was put up on a website and that was it – the best way of sharing it was privately through e-mails and such. Then came the era of Web 2.0 characterized mainly by the ability of users to share information quickly with others, which has been developed into the phenomenon that we call social media. So we focused on the users’ interaction with others, now the focus has changed more on the users themselves, which is always a plus - refered to as Sementic Web. The data will come from the user and the web will essentially adjust to meet the needs of the user. A huge benefit is the move towards being able to access data from anywhere - smartphone, mobile, laptops, TV.

This exciting trend resulted into into the increasing popularity of the minimalist design technique, where the focus is not necessarily making something as simple as possible, but making it as simplistic as possible.

Creating a site with non-flashy web elements makes the user have to focus on the content of the site. Of course designers desire to design and will be creative in some things, but that may not always be the focus. The focus is to draw the viewers’ eye to the content or other important information on the page.

We have a creative and trendy team of designers who will not only design exceptional web layouts but also provide you a new and fresh branding opportunity.

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